I went to a meditation class once where the instructor told us that we have 60,000 thoughts a day. This was super interesting to me. I raised my hand and earnestly asked how the researchers quantified that, and how they determined where one thought began and the other ended. I was that meditator, the one who got so lost in logistics that she missed the point. That we think…all the time. Especially me.

I don’t know how many thoughts I actually have, but I know I’m not creative enough to come up with 60,000 original thoughts each day. I have…

It was my second week of writing and my apartment was a mess. Clean laundry lay wrinkled in the dryer, dirty laundry piled onto a waitlist outside, and an opened Chinese takeout box was plated by a six-inch stack of unopened mail. Meanwhile, my laptop and I formed a tiny island surrounded by a sea of post-its, with topical currents rippling across the desk. Marie Kondo would’ve hated me, because the only thing I had time to organize was my words. My new passion wasn’t sparking joy; it was creating clutter.

I slaved, I italicized, I un-italicized, I re-italicized, I…

There’s been a lot of chatter about iOS 10’s move towards politically-correct, diverse emoji. Female athletes, single parents, a rainbow flag all hail a new era of inclusiveness and awareness. But there is one curiously un-PC character that’s still lurking around, playing a game of hide-and-seek between the flowers and the weather.

He’s been called awkward, creepy, and weird. Yet while the controversial gun has been replaced with a playful water gun, this shifty-eyed creature survived the PC layoffs. And I for one am glad he slipped through the cracks. You could even say that he’s making his own statement…

Elaine Kim

Author of “Meditation-Proof: A Relatable and True Account of One Meditator’s Struggle to Be Present and Find Her Zen”

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